International meat buyers seeking Australian red meat suppliers can use MLA's Australian Red Meat Exporter Database to find companies that can supply Australian beef, lamb, mutton, goatmeat and offal products. The Australian Red Meat Exporter Database allows overseas customers to conduct refined searches on the Australian red meat exporters meeting the selected criteria.

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Australia's livestock industries are committed to producing safe, quality meat for customers around the world and take particular pride in the following areas:

Producing safe, high quality meat products for export
Advancing animal husbandry and farm management techniques
Leader in meat processing
Over 200 years of red meat production
Extensive exporting experience

  • Young Chef Pencil Box Challenge

    Taiwan will be hosting the first Young Chef Pencil Box Challenge on 31 March, 2012. As way of introduction to Australian red meat to the potential participants, three training seminars were held between 16 - 20 December 2011 in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan. Approximately 300 students from 29 universities and colleges participated in the training seminars.