Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef consists of high levels of fine white flecks of fat that weave throughout the textured meat. This effect is known as 'marbling', which makes the meat extremely tender and gives it a deliciously sweet taste.

Wagyu cattle are kept in a feedlot from between 300 to 600 days to create a higher amount of marbling; generally, the higher the amount of marbling throughout the meat, the higher the overall grade of meat. Marbling meat leads to an eating experience that has been likened to butter melting in the mouth - delicious! However, because it takes significantly more time and effort to produce Wagyu beef, it demands a premium in the market.

Grassfed cattle

Grassfed beef is from cattle that are grazed on natural grassland. The meat is lean and therefore low in fat. It is also full of flavour and very tender.

Grainfed cattle

Grainfed beef is from cattle that are fed for a minimum number of days on grain. The grain is nutritionally balanced and consists of high energy feed such as barley, wheat, sorghum and corn. Meat from grainfed cattle is a more consistent red colour, while the fat is a more consistent white colour. The meat is also consistently tender and tasty.